m u s i c
previously unreleased tracks & demos

Originally, Beyond City Light was going to be a double CD. Much of the additional material was in progress and exists in rough form...

This track was actually finished, but didn't make it to the final release. It features Erik Wøllo on guitar...
Red Labyrinth
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For the double version of the album, Jon was thinking of using sound effects for certain moments of the journey. This was a test mix of that concept...
Deep Sleep and Dying Embers (fire's edge mix)
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An early rough demo that was never finished. After much tweaking, the final 3:30 eventually became "The Source".
Shrouded (demo v.1)
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Here's an old one we found in the demo pile. This one is so rough, you can even hear how the computer froze up for a moment at 3:05 when this recording was made!
A Narrow Escape
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Jon created some music for New Line Cinema to be used for the promotion of the Terrence Malick film, THE NEW WORLD.
A New World
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WIthin The Walls II
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The Battle
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v i d e o
music videos, behind the scenes, & more...

Beyond City Light: Behind the scenes...

Pt.1 Zzyzx Road
Pt.2 Through City Light
Music Videos
At The Movies...
The New World
These are two promotional pieces for THE NEW WORLD that featured Jon's music...
False Summit
A short film Jon co-scored with David Helpling...

m o r e
podcasts and other stuff

Jon is the host of two podcasts...

Music is Art: The Peccary Podcast
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Jon brings you music, news, interviews, unreleased material and more. Direct from one of the most respected labels of the genre.
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Deep Exile Podcast - visit website
The official podcast for DeepExile.com, directly from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins.

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